Dae Han

Born in Maryland on November 21st, 1991, just outside of Washington, D.C.

At a young age, Dae was influenced by jazz, hip-hop, gospel and not to mention, D.C.'s very own go-go music. After years of mentorship, self-education and schooling, Dae ventured into the local club scene to book himself gigs and fine tune his craftsmanship behind the drums. At 17 years old, it was a challenge to be taken seriously, but once the opportunities came, Dae Han never froze and clubs and establishments in the D.C. area would let him, along with his fellow musicians, play a few times weekly. 

Today, Dae is based out of Hawaii and is the drummer for world class rapper, Shing02. With drums being the bread and butter, Dae Han is also becoming his own name in the realm of artistry. Having played with so many great talents, Dae took onto his own sound and produced an album that was influenced from his journey from the east coast. The album is entitled "Blue" and is now available worldwide, courtesy of local record label Aloha Got Soul.